Del Arroyo´s Tango Company was one of City Academy’s premier resident dance companies and during its 7 productions created some of the most exciting tango performances in London ever, combining pure Tango technique with Contemporary dance.


Crazy in Love

Sex as the fisical manifestation of love can have many layers. Each of the characters of this piece represent a sex icon of our sociaty and its own way of expresing love.



Be My Baby

It is a comedy thriller in the more exteriotipical Hollywood athmosphere. This show takes the audience in a trip of passions and fantassies culming with the most unespected ending.




A representation of United kingdom with a circus. The concept of circus we have today was created in Uk and this piece cellebrate it with a strong iconic mix of songs and characters from English speakers all arond the world.



Love, Rejection, Revengue and Horror. The classical story Litlle red ridding hod watching in multiple perspectives where all the possible endings could perhaps be the correct one.



Trying shoes could just be a question of vogue. The classci of Madonna adapted to the more iconic princces


The other side 

A contrapoxition of the needs and worries of our now days sociaty where sometimes the britter side is hidden.