Adrian Del Arroyo´s Tango Company was one of City Academy’s premier resident dance companies. Under his directorship, its seven productions comprised some of the most exciting tango performances on the London-scene, combining pure tango technique with contemporary dance.


Crazy in Love

Sex as the physical manifestation of love is multifaceted. Each of the characters in this piece represents an icon of sex in our society and their own way of expressing love.



Be My Baby

A comedy thriller in a stereotypical Hollywood scene. This show takes the audience on a trip of passions and fantasies culminating in a most unexpected ending.




A very British circus. The concept of the circus was born in the UK. This piece celebrates those Great British roots with an iconic mix of songs and English-speaking voices from around the world.



Love, Rejection, Revenge and Horror. The classic story of Little Red Riding Hood is retold from multiple perspectives, from which all versions and endings become plausible.



Trying shoes could just be a question of vogue. The Madonna classic conjures an iconic modern princess. 


The other side 

Reflections of the needs and worries of present-day society, from which sometimes the brighter side is hidden.